custom water features

Water Time is FUN TIME!

Take your backyard to the next level with custom water features for your poolscape. Senoia Pool and Spa offers a variety of water features for the entire family to enjoy.

Senoia Pool and Spas will bring another level of excitement to your backyard.

Water Features will take your pool and spa area to the next level. Whether you are looking for a serene escape or an area to kick up the entertainment level, there are options to transform your pool area from fun to the place-to-be. Senoia Pool and Spa are here to help you decide which water features are best to fit your lifestyle. From the types of water features to new swimming pool feature ideas, we will make sure you have all the options and information available.

Inground pools have the most potential for customizable options but at Senoia Pool and Spa we also offer pool decking so that you can utilize add-ons for your above ground pool with water features. Lighting can make all the difference when creating a brilliant nighttime show. Having a lighting system not only enhances your water feature but can help your features shine day and night.

Sheer Descents

Water features that gently pour into the pool from the pool walls in configurations such as a sheet of glas effect or rain droplets.


Waterfalls are a classic addition to any pool style. Let's talk about which options would be a spectacular addition to your pool area.

Spa Spill-Over

By utilizing a built-in spa, a water feature is created connecting to this vibrant swimming pool.

Light It Up

Give your pool nighttime appeal with a light system designed and installed by Senoia Pool and Spa.

Pool Decking

A new pool deck by Senoia Pool and Spa can tranform your entire pool. New installations, dated or damaged decks, our team has got you covered.


Whether you need a privacy fence installed or you need your fence relocated, our professionals have you covered.

Stones & Bricks

Features by the pool built with stones and bricks make beautiful water features and are fully customizable by design with your vision in mind.

Pool add-ons

From splash pads to dive shelfs, we have a variety of add-ons for your pool area. We want to see your backyard oasis come to life.
Together We Build Dreams

Ready To Spruce Up Your Pool or Spa areas?

Let us breathe new life into your swimming pool and spa with our special services to resurface, remodel and renovate your existing pool or spa. All new installations have all feature add-ons available.

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