Designing Your Perfect Background Oasis

Our True Passion

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

At Senoia Pool and Spa, we will keep you informed and involved in the pool construction process every step of the way. From picking the shape and design to groundbreaking to filling up your new pool or spa, our professionals will bring your backyard paradise to life.

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Quality is what matters most

At Senoia Pools and Spa, we promise to present you with all the options and information available for you to choose the perfect pool or spa. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to answer your questions.

Your new pool build requires scheduling and coordinating, with a variety of equipment such as bob-cat machines and backhoe excavators. We ensure that no matter what equipment or personnel is needed, the process of removing, delivering, installing, and finishing, every bit of material brought onto your property is necessary.

Our office will make sure to coordinate the scheduling with you and keep you involved every step of the way.


Pool Construction Process

We Put Attention to Detail In EVERY Step of the Installation Process

Plans, Engineering, Permitting if applicable
Remove Form
1st Back Fill

Run Electrical Pipe
2nd Back Fill
Tile and Coping
Electrical Run
Deck Installation
Pool Liner Installation
Equipment Installation
Electrical Hook Up
Pool and Deck Clean up
Customer Walk Thru
Start Up
Final Inspection

Pool Design

During the pool design process, our professional design staff will meet with you and create a design to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Utilizing our 3D state-of-the-art graphics, we will help you visualize how your finished design will look.

This will be the time when you will choose the colors, tiling, liner, and other options that are available to customize your new pool.

Pool Site Prep

Once we have permitted your installation, if necessary, we will begin pre-siting your property for construction. This includes stripping any sod in the area of the pool area as well as having you cap your irrigation lines in the future pool area.

Pool Layout

Once the top layer has been removed, our crew will stake out the shape of your new pool and install forming materials to hold the pool shape during excavation.


When we excavate or dig, we will bring in the necessary equipment which may include a backhoe, dump truck, loader machine, or a variety of trucks and machines.

Upon arrival, we will dig the shape of the pool and make sure you are informed every step of the process.


During the pre-plumbing stage, your main drain lines are installed and any in-floor cleaner lines if part of your package will be pre-plumbed prior to placement of the steelwork.


Steel-tex paper will be installed around the inside perimeter of the pool. Steel will be installed by bending and tying into place. The appropriate niches and electrical bonding are installed. The plumbing system will be placed under pressure to final any inspections necessary.

Gunite Pool


Once we have the pool shape set, we will strip the forming material and backfill any voids around the pool shell and grade for the deck area to prepare for the next phases of construction.

Plumbing & Tile

Once grading is completed, all of the plumbing lines are extended to the equipment location. The pool filter and pump are set. All inspections will be completed on any electrical or plumbing. Releveling of the pool beam will be done if necessary. This is when your tile will be installed around the pool perimeter. If you have purchased water features, this is the process in which they will be installed.


Pavers, travertine, or flagstone are installed at this point.

Interior Finish

Depending on the interior material you have chosen, the finish may take one to two days. Different materials require different processes.

Pool Start Up

Time to fill ‘er up! Once your pool is full we will start up your equipment. Our technician will clean the pool while adding the required start-up chemicals. At that time we will either go over your maintenance plan or schedule a time with you to do so.

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Learning about your pool equipment and how to maintain your pool while understanding the proper chemicals is essential to keeping your pool at its peak performance.